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Crawford: Ready for ‘Proven, Conservative Solutions’ in 114th Congress
January 6, 2015
U.S. Congressman Rick Crawford (AR-1) released the following statement after he — along with other members of Congress — took the Oath of Office and were sworn into the 114th Congress: “Today’s Oath of Office starts a new chapter for Congressional members to support and defend the U.S. Constitution, and I began my third term serving the First District of Arkansas taking that oath with great responsibility, privilege, and honor. My priorities for the 114th Congress include new responsibilities wi... More

Opportunities Loom in Washington for First District
January 2, 2015
The term New Year brings an assortment of images and ideas to mind. We think of the famous six-ton Waterford Crystal ball dropped over New York City’s Times Square amid a sea of onlookers and confetti. There are the infamous New Year’s Resolutions that inspire — and often guilt — their participants into personal improvement. There’s also the slate of college football games spattered on and around January 1 accompanied by bantering among each team’s faithful. Lastly, hope exists to move beyond th... More
Press Releases
Crawford Issues Statement on Cuba
December 17, 2014
Following President Barack Obama’s announcement that the U.S. will ease its isolation of Cuba after more than 50 years, U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford (AR-1) issued the following statement: “While I welcome the restoration of trade between the U.S. and Cuba on behalf of Arkansas agriculture and manufacturers, Congress must proceed with caution and deliberation in response to the president’s decision. I pledge to lend my voice and the voice of Arkansas businesses to what promises to be a thorough and ro... More
Press Releases
Crawford to Serve as Chairman of Prominent House Agriculture Subcommittee
December 16, 2014
As a member of the House Committee on Agriculture, U.S. Representative Rick Crawford (AR-1) has accepted the chairmanship of the General Farm Commodities and Risk Management Subcommittee, serving as the key House authority for oversight and rule implementation for the farm bill. House Agriculture Committee Chairman-Elect Congressman Michael Conaway (TX-11) made the announcement on December 10, having served as Subcommittee chairman during the 113th Congress, which included the 2014 farm bill mar... More

First District Food Production Plays Critical Role in Hunger Crisis
December 12, 2014
On first glance, Arkansas has little in common with West Africa. They sit roughly 4,000 miles apart as the crow flies, separated by both land and sea. West Africa has more than 100 times the population of Arkansas, and the cultures, wildlife, climate, and landscapes between the two regions are radically different. Finally, West African countries have histories of kingdoms and empires dating back thousands of years, whereas Arkansas has yet to celebrate the 200th anniversary of its statehood with... More
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