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Rick Crawford Representing Arkansas' First District
U.S. Congressman Rick Crawford Representing Arkansas' First District


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I strongly believe in the power of the free market to create prosperity. Entrepreneurship and creativity are cornerstones of American exceptionalism, and our continued ability to innovate is a reflection of these qualities. National policies must provide equal opportunity for all and give individuals the necessary tools to succeed despite social status.  

It is clear our economy faces unprecedented challenges. I've listened to many people of Arkansas’s First District who face financial strains and don’t know where their next paycheck will come from.

 In order to get our country back on track, we must create certainty for businesses by reducing the regulatory burden and permanently lowering taxes. Moreover, I support efforts to overhaul the current tax system by broadening the tax base and lowering the corporate tax rate. These measures would have immediate and long-term effects by spurring job growth and making America more internationally competitive.

Freeing our nation’s economy and putting Arkansans back to work remains my top-priority as a Congressman. I will continue to focus my efforts towards implementing policies that encourage the growth of businesses of all sizes in the United States. 

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