National Debt and Spending

Out-of-control government spending remains the biggest threat to our nation's future prosperity and national security. For decades, Republicans and Democrats alike have operated under the false assumption that they can spend their way into prosperity. I regularly vote against budgets because they are almost always disregarded in massive end of the year spending bills, called "omnibus" bills.

I routinely vote against these omnibus bills. Often cobbled together at the end of the year by Congressional leaders and the White House, omnibus bills don't necessarily reflect the interest of Members of Congress or the constituents that they represent.

Congress has a spending problem, not a taxing problem. At the time of this post, the United States nation debt stands at close to $21 trillion. We cannot continue to finance these bad spending habits by borrowing from foreign countries like China, and leaving our children and grandchildren with the bill.  We cannot continue to swipe the nation’s credit card and live beyond our means. Since taking office, I have already successfully worked with other Members of Congress to cut more that $50 billion in non-defense discretionary spending.   

As long as I am a Member of Congress, I will remain committed to reining in government spending, balancing the budget, and returning to our nation’s founding principles of limited government. Every year I am a cosponsor of several Balanced Budget Amendments to the Constitution, and I'm currently working on a Spending Limitation Amendment, one that will tie our spending to GDP.