Rick Crawford Representing Arkansas' First District
U.S. Congressman Rick Crawford Representing Arkansas' First District

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    Rewriting History: Remembering the Sultana Disaster

    The only difference between events that become history and experiences that fade beyond memory is that some are recorded and remain in our culture’s collective consciousness, while the others do not. But that fact does not mean that the unremembered stories are any less a part of our nation’s past. Unfortunately, chance and timing often determine our historical narrative instead of an event’s significance. But that hasn't stopped local Marion residents from trying to change, or add to, their tow...


    Floodplain Executive Order Affects AR-01 Cities

    In 1977, President Carter issued Executive Order 11988, which established the definition of "floodplain" as an area subject to a 1% or greater chance of flooding in any given year. President Carter issued this order in order to protect federal investments and human life from flood risk. This definition of a floodplain informs federal agencies in their use of funds, building standards, and sets benchmarks for many other programs. The currently defined floodplain has been the standard ever since 1...


    Opportunities Loom in Washington for First District

    The term New Year brings an assortment of images and ideas to mind. We think of the famous six-ton Waterford Crystal ball dropped over New York City’s Times Square amid a sea of onlookers and confetti. There are the infamous New Year’s Resolutions that inspire — and often guilt — their participants into personal improvement. There’s also the slate of college football games spattered on and around January 1 accompanied by bantering among each team’s faithful. Lastly, hope exists to move beyond th...


    First District Food Production Plays Critical Role in Hunger Crisis

    On first glance, Arkansas has little in common with West Africa. They sit roughly 4,000 miles apart as the crow flies, separated by both land and sea. West Africa has more than 100 times the population of Arkansas, and the cultures, wildlife, climate, and landscapes between the two regions are radically different. Finally, West African countries have histories of kingdoms and empires dating back thousands of years, whereas Arkansas has yet to celebrate the 200th anniversary of its statehood with...


    Thanksgiving Offers Time for Gratitude

    I’ve never been one to begin celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving. It’s not that I disapprove of those who do or that I don’t enjoy Christmastime. I’ve just always thought Thanksgiving has much more to offer than what initially meets the eye. And it goes well beyond Pilgrims and Native Americans, turkeys, family gatherings, and yes, even football. I believe Thanksgiving’s greatest gift to us is opportunity; opportunity that demands we stop our busy lives and gratefully take stock of the pro...


    Mentoring Grant Invests in First District Youth

    I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world. – THE 4-H PLEDGE Before I graduated high school, I participated in 4-H, an extracurricular program emphasizing the importance of young people learning, growing, and working with adults as catalysts for positive change. This program began more than a century ago with agricultural roots, eventually adding life skills to ...


    Veterans Day Gives Arkansas Chance to Honor Those Who Served

    “From the founding of this country, veterans have been the lifeblood of our nation…We want all of our deserving heroes to be honored and recognized.” – Colonel Conrad Reynolds, founder and director of the Arkansas Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame Colonel Reynolds made these remarks describing the nomination process for the 2014 Arkansas Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame. For the past four years, this non-profit organization has annually honored and recognized up to 15 Arkansas military veterans, in...


    DO School Bolsters First District Healthcare, Economy

    The ancient Roman poet Virgil once wrote, “The greatest wealth is health.” While it often proves difficult to treasure that wealth when we’re healthy, we fully understand its value when we’re not. I believe Arkansas’ First District has seen firsthand the value of health; mainly because many of our residents have seen it slipping away, especially within the underserved Delta region. In terms of average life expectancy, 8 of the 10 lowest counties in Arkansas reside within the Delta at about 70-73...


    Need for Agricultural Disaster Options Shows in 2014

    A quick glance at 2014 might give the impression that Arkansas agriculture has had a banner year. Riding an El Niño climate pattern that promoted rainfall and milder temperatures, the state saw good pasture growth for livestock this summer while also setting an overall yield record for winter wheat at 63 bushels per acre. Meanwhile, fall harvests have proven equally promising, with strong yields reported for many First District row crops, including multiple 100-plus bushels-per-acre soybeans. An...


    U.S., Brazil Cotton Agreement Protects Trade

    The date is Friday, September 27, 2002. President George W. Bush is less than halfway through his first term in the Oval Office, Democrat Tom Daschle from South Dakota leads the Senate, and Republican Denny Hastert from Illinois serves as House Speaker. Tech giant Apple released its second-generation iPod two months earlier that has a maximum storage capacity of 20 gigabytes for $499. Meanwhile, U.S. consumers pay only $1.44 for a gallon of gasoline and $2.73 for a gallon of milk. In the Souther...

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