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Rick Crawford Representing Arkansas' First District
U.S. Congressman Rick Crawford Representing Arkansas' First District

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ObamaCare Hurting Arkansas Families

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Washington, November 15, 2013 | Jack Pandol (202.225.4076)

As the Representative for Arkansas’ First District, I have taken great pains to engage with families during the disastrous rollout of ObamaCare, to hear their concerns and problems with the law, and above all, to listen. The stories I have heard of cancelled policies, exploding premiums, and inflexible insurance plans anger and sadden me.

Earlier this month, my office was contacted by one mother and wife living in Northeast Arkansas whose family will experience great hardship as a direct result of this law. With one child getting ready to graduate from college in a year, this concerned mother and her husband were suddenly notified that their premium would increase more than three times over the current amount. Although they were told they are free to explore their choices on the exchange, they would be forced to forfeit their employer contribution, with total costs far exceeding the already sky-high increases on their current plan. Working families like these had no advance notice to plan for this. It is becoming clearer every day that ObamaCare is truly failing working mothers and families just like this one.

Thursday, under pressure from the American people, the President announced that he would propose a one-year extension of cancelled policies under a grandfather clause included in the law. The President’s delayed response to this calamity does not, however, address the fatal flaws with the underlying law, not least the $1.3 trillion in debt that will bust the budget and further burden our children. Additionally, a one year extension just does not live up to the promise repeated over and over by the President. He misled the American people. That trust has been broken. Now, even with such an extension, millions across the country and many at home in Arkansas are still facing the prospect of being unable to afford adequate coverage as a direct effect of his “Affordable Care Act.” That is wrong.

I have opposed this law at every opportunity. My position, about which I have been consistent and clear, is to fight to see this law repealed, dismantled, and to start over. Stories like these are the reason why. Americans are hurting right now as a result of this law. Arkansas families deserve better than this, and I will continue fighting to represent their best interests on this issue.

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