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Rick Crawford Representing Arkansas' First District
U.S. Congressman Rick Crawford Representing Arkansas' First District

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Crawford's Bill Haults Syrian Refugees, Empowers Governors

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Washington, November 17, 2015
Washington - Earlier tonight, Representative Rick Crawford introduced H.R. 4033, The Refugee Relocation Security Act. The Refugee Relocation Security Act would put an immediate moratorium on the relocation of refugees from Syria and Iraq into the United States. In response to state and local leaders, like Governor Asa Hutchinson, who have expressed concerns about the relocation of refugees, the bill would give State governments the authority to decide whether or not to allow refugees into their states.
After the bill’s introduction, Representative Rick Crawford released the following statement:

As a country born of immigrants, we have a long, proud tradition of welcoming onto our shores those in need. However, given the complexity of the current situation and threats of attack, we can not know whether or not some refugees would come to our shores in a deliberate attempt to take advantage of that hospitality and do us harm. Difficult times create difficult decisions, but in the end our first priority has to be the protection of American citizens, and my bill will help ensure that we are doing everything we can as a nation to keep our own citizens safe.”
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