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Rick Crawford Representing Arkansas' First District
U.S. Congressman Rick Crawford Representing Arkansas' First District

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Crawford Applauds WOTUS Repeal

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Washington, D.C., March 1, 2017
Yesterday, President Trump signed an Executive Order that would repeal any part of Waters of the United States (WOTUS) that was not lawful. After the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created a false perception of support through a grassroots lobbying effort, the WOTUS rule went into effect, though many Members of Congress, producers and small business owners opposed this rule. As a staunch supporter of farmers, Representative Crawford and several Representatives sent a letter to the EPA Office of Inspector General requesting a formal investigation. Now, nearly two years later, the actions of Members like Representative Crawford are coming to fruition. Upon hearing the news of the Executive Order Representative Crawford gave the following statement.  

“Despite enormous push back from farmers and ranchers, the former administration finalized WOTUS, and they did so in part through an illegal lobbying effort that manufactured fraudulent support. WOTUS would have subjected producers and landowners to jurisdictional challenges and unprecedented levels of compliance costs. It’s a relief to all of us that the new administration is actually listening to affected stakeholders and will be scrapping the rule.”

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