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Rick Crawford Representing Arkansas' First District
U.S. Congressman Rick Crawford Representing Arkansas' First District

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Representative Crawford introduces the MOBILE Resolution

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WASHINGTON, April 25, 2017
Today, Congressman Rick Crawford (AR-01), along with Representatives Pearce (NM-02) and Swalwell (CA-15), introduced H. Res    , the MOBILE Resolution 2017. 

The bill will modernize the way Congressional Members spend their time with constituents and colleagues, and how they conduct business in Washington. Businesses and corporations around the world already take advantage of current technology to better communicate with one another. However, in some ways, Congress still communicates the same way it did in the 18th Century putting itself at a disadvantage. 

For example, Members of Congress must be present in a full quorum in the House chamber in order to vote on legislation. Further, witnesses must be physically present to participate in committee hearings in Washington D.C. The current House rules only limit the function of Congress. With new rules in place Congress will be able to reach a broader group of people within their constituency. 

Currently, constituents are limited by cost and time of travel to D.C., this bill would relieve those burdens and allow for better communication. As its name suggests, the MOBILE Resolution would allow Members and constituents to work together more often through permitted use of advanced technology. This will allow a Member of Congress to remain productive while being away from Washington D.C. Additionally, more constituents would have the opportunity to be heard by their Members of Congress. By not restricting a Representatives time in the district he or see will be able to take more meetings in their district with constituents to better understand the needs and wants of their constituency. 

Congress is limited in how it interacts with constituents, but it does not have to be, and that is just what this bill will improve. Congress should not ignore the advancement of technology, rather it should embrace the new possibilities of communication it would be able to access. 

The bill will amend House Rules and would allow Members of the House to fully utilize modern inventions. They could use technology to allow more time to be spent with constituents in their districts while at the same time fully participating in the work of our nation’s capital. 
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