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Representative Crawford Launches Text Messaging Platform for First District Constituents

Representative Crawford Launches Text Messaging Platform for First District Constituents

Washington, D.C. –Representative Rick Crawford announced the formal launch of his new text messaging platform. This new system links constituents directly with the Congressman and his office. Anyone from the 1st District can text their questions, comments, or opinions about anything going on in Arkansas or Washington. More features will be added to allow for more dynamic engagement with the Congressman’s office and his staff, especially when it comes to the many services that congressional offices provide for its constituents.

This system has been adopted by Crawford’s office after the recent news about Facebook’s abuse of personal data and possible manipulation of those who use the platform to engage with constituents, namely those who are center-right from its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. Representative Crawford’s office is the first office in the U.S. House of Representatives to deploy a text messaging system of this nature to engage in a non-monetized environment with individuals.

“It is important to me that I have a two-way approach to communication and this platform is going to allow me to engage directly with individuals without any third-party interference.” said Crawford “Right now, we all use text messages to get updates on our travel, our prescriptions, or updates on school closings or events with our kids.  I hope to bring that same level of convenience to this platform so folks will know where their case stands with a federal agency, getting information on their upcoming trip to Washington, and many more possibilities.”

Those who are interested can text the Congressman at 870-292-6747. Where you will be asked to verify your name and that you are a resident of the 1st District from Arkansas.