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Rep. Crawford Hosts Cybersecurity Event with Intelligence Agencies

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Rep. Crawford Hosts Cybersecurity Event with Intelligence Agencies


Jonesboro, AR  Yesterday, Representative Rick Crawford (AR-01) hosted a day-long conference with cyber security experts from our nation’s intelligence and security agencies and local leaders on preventing cyberattacks, securing critical infrastructure, and protecting intellectual property and customer data from China and other foreign and domestic threats.

The “Scale Up” event focused on educating local officials and business leaders on identifying threats and how to be proactive in training staff and creating a system that is secure from outside threats. The conference also worked to improve communication between companies and intelligence agencies by easing gaps in communication and going over the cyberattack reporting process.

“Foreign adversaries have recently ramped up cyber-attacks on our critical infrastructure and supply chains which leaves agriculture and manufacturing states like Arkansas a large target. I’m pleased with the enthusiasm this event received and I’m glad to play a role in facilitating this important discussion. I believe everyone took home valuable information that can be applied to their respective companies which will in turn safeguard our national economy and security,” said Crawford.

The full agenda and information on guest speakers can be found here.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month.