Being a Representative means more than speaking and voting on behalf of my fellow Arkansans in D.C. With 2017 postseason in full swing, we can say that “representation” is going to bat for someone, especially for those who don’t necessarily have many others on their side. If I’m not going to bat for Arkansans in addition to voting and speaking, then I’m doing it wrong. A healthcare provider told a young man (who we will call Daniel) in my District that they would be pulling his services due to non-payment. Now, Daniel is medically fragile and receives skilled nursing care at his own home. He has Medicare, Medicaid and ChampVA, a Veterans Administration program for spouses and children of veterans. Most people don’t think to call their Representative when they are in a bind, particularly the self-reliant people who live in the 1st District. But for people who need help navigating large federal bureaucracies and programs, my office can step in and advocate on their behalf. Like many others, Daniel didn’t call my office himself, but once someone mentioned his situation to my office, we started to do some digging. Let me explain a little about what we learned about Daniel’s situation. Medicare does not cover the services he receives; however, if Medicare issues an explanation of benefits (EOB) denial, then ChampVA will pay his cost instead. My office contacted Medicare and ChampVA to explain Daniel’s situation. ChampVA told us that only when they receive the denial letter from Medicare will they start paying the bills. As it turns out, Daniel actually had another healthcare provider before his current one, but his past provider had pulled their services because ChampVA owed him almost $120,000 in unpaid claims. The Veterans Administration had a denial letter from the old provider, but could not use it to pay the current provider. After that first talk with the agencies, Daniel’s mother told my office that everything was going to be resolved. But the very next day, we learned that was not the case and that Daniel’s current provider, his newer one, was pulling healthcare coverage that day. That was going to be the second provider to bail on Daniel. My office started making calls that very day, and we were finally able to get Medicare, ChampVA, and his provider all on the same page. The provider agreed not to pull care, the VA assured Daniel’s mother that they would be paid, and Medicare agreed to send whatever the VA needed in order to pay for coverage. Currently, everything is fine and Daniel didn’t experience a lapse in his coverage. As a side note, when my office questioned ChampVA regarding Daniel’s past provider’s non-payment, the VA told us that there were 123 (yes, you read that correctly) outstanding claims and that they would begin processing those claims immediately for payment. Different Federal agencies simply do not talk to each other, and even when they do, what gets lost in translation are usually real people like Daniel and his mother. The amount of red tape between regular people and these agencies can be absolutely enormous, as you can tell by Daniel’s story. If you know of someone in the 1st District who is struggling in dealing with a federal agency, please, tell them to contact my office at (870) 203-0540 and let me go to bat for them, it’s my job as their Representative.


Many delta communities have trouble paying for critical infrastructure, but the good news is that my office may be able to help. For 7 years, we’ve been working with local officials and the city of Tuckerman to improve their water quality. If you live anywhere near Jackson county, you’ve probably heard about the brown water coming out of the faucets there, but I’m happy to say that we were able to help them get a grant for a new water treatment facility that becomes fully operational next month!


Fewer federal agencies are harder to deal with than the VA, but if you live in the 1st District and are having problems with that agency, my office may be able to help you. I’ll give you an example. A widower whose deceased husband was 100% service-connected through the VA had applied for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation. She was not yet eligible for Social Security Survivor’s benefits due to her age. She waited for months after submitting her DIC claim with no income to speak of. After she contacted our office, I sent a financial expedite inquiry to the Veterans Benefits Administration. Her claim was expedited, and she was awarded the benefit as well as back pay and burial reimbursement. If you know someone struggling with the VA, please encourage them to call my office at (870) 203-0540.

Tax Reform's Focus Should be Middle Class Families, Individuals

Washington – Today, the Trump Administration, the House Committee on Ways and Means, and the Senate Committee on Finance released a framework for their vision for tax reform. That frame work may be found here, and a one page overview may be found here. Upon release of the framework, which intends to...

Crawford's Dicamba Task Force Findings Statement

Washington – Today, Congressman Rick Crawford (AR-1) released the following statement after the Arkansas Dicamba Task Force provided its recommendations in a report concerning the herbicide dicamba on Monday, September 11th. “I would like to applaud the University of Arkansas research team as a nati...




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Yea Sep 28, 2017 RC# 543 H.R. 2792 Control Unlawful Fugitive Felons Act of 2017
Yea Sep 28, 2017 RC# 542 H.R. 3823 Disaster Tax Relief and Airport and Airway Extension Act of 2017
Nay Sep 28, 2017 RC# 541 H.R. 3823 Disaster Tax Relief and Airport and Airway Extension Act of 2017
Yea Sep 27, 2017 RC# 540 H.Res. 311 Recognizing that for 50 years the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) has worked toward ...
Not Voting Sep 27, 2017 RC# 539 H.Res. 538 Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 3823) to amend title 49, United States Code, to extend...
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