Rural America

My Position on Rural America

Increasingly, Congress is divided not along partisan lines but along urban vs. suburban and rural divides. Rural and to some extent suburban Americans face unique challenges that those who live in metro areas aren’t familiar with. As a member from a very rural district in middle America, Congressman Crawford is intimately familiar with the unique challenges facing rural Americans and he works to highlight their concerns in Congress.

In rural America, access is key, whether it’s for education, healthcare, food security, or employment. Crawford believes that in order to keep our rural communities viable while keeping our spending under control, we need to leverage new technologies that allow small towns the access they need to crucial services without overspending. Crawford has long argued that robust rural broadband development is crucial for the economic viability and future of rural towns.

Congressman Crawford believes that rules are often created in Washington and then applied to the nation at large without respect and deference to regional differences as a “one-size fits all” solution. From Waters of the U.S., to the Endangered Species Act, to the White River’s Blueway Designation, Crawford has fought back against gross and incompetent federal overreach that actually harms many rural communities.

Rural America Updates

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