The Farm Bill

My Position on The Farm Bill

Arkansas’ First Congressional District is home to a diversified agricultural economy. In the fertile Mississippi River Delta we grow cotton, rice, corn, soybeans, wheat, peanuts and even raise catfish. In stark contrast to the Delta stand the Ozark Foothills, where we have poultry, cattle, and timber producers. Annually, agriculture in Arkansas is a $16 billion economic juggernaut that employs over 260,000 Arkansans.

Congressman Crawford views our nation’s agriculture and food supply chains through the larger lens of national security. For a nation to be secure, independent, and healthy, Crawford believes that the nation must be able to feed itself and keep its food safe. The moment America becomes too reliant on foreign food imports, we lose a significant ability to act independently and protect ourselves. Crawford also has a deep respect for production, manufacturing, and the retail side of the food and agriculture industries.

While Crawford realizes the need for supporting our nation’s agriculture producers, he is also a conservative that believes we can reduce the dependence of farmers on the federal government through opening new markets and through better risk management tools. 

This is why it’s imperative that Congress pass a Farm Bill every 5 years to protect our agriculture producers and safeguard our national security.

The Farm Bill Updates

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