Message Board

Welcome to my message board! For many months I have found myself frustrated with the lack of a proper space for connecting with constituents. Often times third party sites create so much noise that it distorts a message before communication even begins. My hope is that this becomes a place where I can communicate with my constituents in a meaningful and constructive way. I encourage you all to participate and voice your many thoughts and ideas.  

COMMENT POLICY: It is an honor to represent the First District of Arkansas. I want this page to operate as a means to communicate with you and be your representative in Washington. 

However, obscene language, off topic comments, solicitation, spam, and comments that attack or are intended to harass or be inflammatory to an individual, group, or organization are unacceptable and will be promptly removed. It is my desire to have our discussions and interactions to be as civil and respectful as much as possible. 

I look forward to communicating about the various issues and matters that we are working on in Washington. 

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